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We are currently accepting applications for future litters; apply here.


Beautiful Cockapoo puppies


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Saturday, October 14, 2017 (8:55 pm) Announcement:

We're announcing the next litter that you've been waiting for. We like to wait until the pups are 6 weeks old to take pictures. We sprinkled some of their pictures throughout the website. Tonight we're opening up applications (click here) for this current litter.

Friday, October 20, 2017 (11:08 am) Update:

As expected we were flooded with 69 applications for these four beautiful pups. They're going to wonderful homes. You are welcomed to apply for our next litter. We are going to go ahead and take applications ahead of time.


Gorgeous f1b Cockapoo Litter: three boys and one girl. These beautiful Cockapoo puppies are very friendly and seem to be intelligent--they're doing fabulous with house training and crate training.

We expect these pups to be in the 15-23 pound range full grown. Their chocolate Cockapoo mom (Toffee) is 16 pounds and a dark chocolate wavy coated Cockapoo and Dad is our chocolate/white parti poodle, Jackson. He weighs 22 pounds.

Check out the pictures below. If you're interested, please fill out an application right away and be thorough. Typically we expect 50-75 applications within the first 48 hours of opening up the applications.  [see update above that all these pups are spoken for]

SPOKEN FOR Charlotte (pictured above), the one girl in this Cockapoo litter is a beauty. We took pictures outside with natural lighting and inside with artificial lighting to try to show you the different way the coat appears in different lighting. Charlotte is a dark chocolate Cockapoo, with gorgeous eyes, and a little bit of white on her chest. She's very smart and super affectionate.

Charlotte's adoption fee: $1900 - $300 deposit = $1600 due at pickup

SPOKEN FOR Charleston (pictured above)is a natural leader. He's not afraid to do anything, and he's the first to want to try things. He has a very thick, soft Cockapoo coat and beautiful eyes. Charleston is going to make some family very happy.

Charleston's adoption fee: $1700 - $300 deposit = $1400 due at pickup 

SPOKEN FOR If there is such a thing as a perfect Cockapoo puppy, it's Reggie (pictured above). He has a wonderful, inquisitive disposition, and the beautiful phantom markings. Most people actually think he's a mini Bernedoodle (which cost double what Reggie costs). As he gets older, his tri-color phantom markings are becoming stronger. Whoever gets Reggie will have a fabulous dog with very unique markings for a Cockapoo.

Reggie's adoption fee: $2100 - $300 deposit = $1800 due at pickup 

SPOKEN FOR It's going to be hard to let our chocolate Cockapoo Tucker (pictured above) go. He's a favorite of the kids and is very calm. At first, he can seem almost shy, but he loves to Cuddle. He's not as active as Tucker or Charlotte, but he would be perfect for a family wanting a small non-shedding dog who is very loyal, loving, and not as energetic (at least not yet). Tucker is most content sitting on the kid's laps or cuddling. We think Tucker's going to make a very, very happy family.

Tucker's adoption fee: $1900 - $300 deposit = $1600 due at pickup