Cockapoo Colors

Cockapoo Color Overview

Cockapoos come in a variety of colors. Cockapoo colors can most easily be divided into four main categories: solid colored Cockapoos, parti-colored Cockapoos, phantom Cockapoos, and merle Cockapoos. See below for examples of each of the primary Cockapoo colors.

Solid Colored Cockapoos

Cockapoos come in a variety of colors. The most common solid colored Cockapoo colors are black Cockapoos, cream (or white) Cockapoos, apricot Cockapoos, red Cockapoos, and chocolate Cockapoos. Sometimes a solid colored Cockapoo will have abstract markings (like a white chest) or tuxedo markings. Often tuxedo Cockapoos are confused with phantom Cockapoos or parti-colored Cockapoos. Each of these look distinctly different, but people sometimes confuse the terminology.
Red Cockapoo
Red Cockapoo
Chocolate Cockapoo
Chocolate Cockapoo
Cream Cockapoo
Cream Cockapoo

Parti-colored Cockapoos (Multi-colored)

Many Cockapoos are parti-colored; which means particular colored. Typically a parti-colored Cockapoo has a white color base with patches of other colors. Some parti Cockapoos are two colors, while others have multiple colors.
Black and White Parti Cockapoo
Black and white parti Cockapoo
Multi-colored Cockapoo
Multi-colored Cockapoo

Phantom Marked Cockapoos

Cockapoos with Phantom markings are sometimes confused for mini Bernedoodles. Sometimes the phantom markings on a cockapoo are more heavily noticed on the face; other times the phantom markings are primarily a pattern on the body. Occasionally a tri-color Cockapoo will bear great resemblance to a phantom cockapoo though it’s markings might not be fully phantom over the entire body.
Tricolor Phantom Cockapoo
Beautifully marked tricolor phantom Cockapoo
Phantom Cockapoo-1
Phantom Cockapoo
Phantom Cockapoo-2
2nd view of the tiny phantom Cockapoo
Tri-color Cockapoo
This Cockapoo pup of ours has tri-color markings (notice especially the eyebrows), but is not a true phantom, because the markings do not continue to her chest or legs.

Merle Cockapoos

Many people love the looks of Merle Cockapoos while other cockapoo forever homes really do not like the swirl pattern of a merle cockapoo. It’s vitally important to never breed a merle to a merle, because of it being a recessive trait. Because you never should breed a merle to a merle (wanting to be sure you don’t produce cockapoo pups who are deaf or blind), it’s rare to get a litter with more than 25% merles, even if one of the parents is a merle. We personally love the looks of merle Cockapoos.
Red Merle Cockapoo
Our Red Merle Cockapoo
Merle Cockapoo
Our Blue Merle Cockapoo
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